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30.07.2010, 00:31
this site isn't a forum, isn't a news site. We call dictionary. "Sozluk" mean dictionary. here people open a new topic, and other writers(uusers) enter the entries. And this topic name is Lena Meyer-Landrut:
PS: This site language is Turkish. But if you use google translate it's a little helpful.
PS2:112 entries.


30.07.2010, 01:12
When I read your description, I thought that I would get something like Wikipedia on the page. But obviously this is neither an encyclopedia or a dictionary. It is just a list of comments, which are not sorted in any way. These comments are not better than those at articles of the "Bild" (the German Hürriyet :D)

30.07.2010, 02:00
yeah :) it's hard to explane, it's call dictionary but it's list of comments :D a person think something and open topic, other person write. Sometimes real information, sometimes another things :D and the German Hürriyet ha ? :D hehehe. i don't know Germany but, In Turkish Republic, this dictionary is better than other things, we don't use for take informations, we use for fun :)