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18.12.2010, 20:03
Warmest greetings from Mashhad , IRAN to our LOVELY LENA & all of her nice fans all around the world :hi::hi: As you know , I'm from IRAN & Unfortunately we IRANIAN people can't support DEAR LENA at ESC , I'm really ashamed :( Is there any way that I can support her ??? I really love DEAR LENA very much & I always want to make her happy :) I know ITunes & I voted there 8 times for " Satellite" & " My cassette player " to make LOVELY LENA happy :thumbsup::);) But if you know another way , tell me please to support her ........... With best regards ...... Your IRANIAN friend ...... POOYA:hi::hi:

19.12.2010, 09:55
Warmest greetings back from south-western corner of germany. First of all the international section is made for guys like you.
There are several correct answers to your support question, so I try to give some.
- Supporting Lena for ESC2011 isn't possible out of Iran, as you know. Don't be sad. Lena often said, that winning isn't everything. This time she simply wanna have fun, because in 2010 everything was new for her, so she couldn't enjoy everything the way she liked to enjoy. In 2011 it will be slightly different, because she knows and loves ESC and the partipiciants. And she's well-known, too. So there's enough support you, Pooya, will enjoy ESC, too.
- Naturally you support her by buying her songs and albums
- Naturally you support her talking good about Lena. But be cautious. I think it's a good advice talking about Lena only to people who like to hear about her.

I'm always grateful seeing that cultural frontiers are torn by personality. This is not only right for Lena. This is for every personality. So again welcome, Pooya.

21.12.2010, 22:58
Welcome in the board :hi:

23.12.2010, 15:06
Hi dear Wonfa , Thanks for your response , You are right . It is very beautiful when our DEAR LENA smiles . I continue writting lovely words about her .......... Merry Christmas , Have a good year

23.12.2010, 15:10
Thank you dear 96wirdMeister ;) Merry Christmas , Have a good year:hi:

13.01.2011, 13:32
Hi my DEAR friends :h

Please tell me , Can I join to this recently real fanclub & support DEAR LENA ?

Warmest greetings from a IRANIAN fan to all of you ;)

17.01.2011, 18:03
Hey my dear friends , Please answer ........... I want some useful information about this recently real fanclub , As a foreigner fan What should I do ? :hmm:

With best regards

Your IRANIAN friend from Mashhad , POOYA ;)

17.01.2011, 23:45
Dear Pooya,

let me try and answer your questions, what you can do about being a club member and what this is all about.

As far as I understand, putting up a fanclub officially acknowledged by german legal authorities means to have a legal basis to start from. Thinking of any football team's fanclub, say, FC Chelsea or FC Barcelone (don't know which team you support), the fanclub called Lenaisten has similar goals: meeting fans, spread information about Lena or her activities in public, exchange with Lena's management et cetera...generally speaking, to be recognized as an organisation representing Lena's supporters in every respect. As I understood the internet board won't be changed at all and you will be granted access without being a club member.

So what can you do? Honestly, I cannot tell you. I'm afraid, the founders of the club did not consider that there might be fans from non-european countries wanting to become a club-member. Probably you should let them know what you would expect from being a member of a fanclub from abroad and you will surely get pieces of information that you find helpful.

kind regards


17.01.2011, 23:57
Hi Pooya, there should be some "official" reaction soon... so just wait a little bit longer ;)

18.01.2011, 13:03
Hi dear bluescreen & dear arbolito :hi:

Thanks a lot for your answers :-*:-* But I have some information about their activities

19.01.2011, 10:37
But I have some information about their activities[/QUOTE]

Sorry , I want some information about their activities

21.01.2011, 13:33
He dear friends:hi:

Please give me some informations about their activity

With best regards


30.01.2011, 10:48
It seems I can not join " Lenaisten " & I can not do any thing for DEAR LENA ; :sadnodrn2:

I just can wish them nicest wishes & hope they will be always healthy & funny .

With nicest wishes for all DEAR LENA fans ;

Warmest greetings from IRAN ; Pooya