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03.02.2011, 13:58

Very interesting ! There are also a lot of discussion regarding "TbaS"

03.02.2011, 14:45
I agree, interesting posts.
I strongly recommend to register to get access to the ignore list.
Sadly you have to add brumming, european star, niels, tomoe, ulle to the list. These guys are the worst haters i ever read.

04.02.2011, 08:50
Yeah . But I prefer to be here ; Although I am international member from IRAN here & I can not speak German & Although I registered there . ;)

Warmest Greetings from IRAN ;

Your friend ; Pooya

05.02.2011, 17:34
Hi Pooya.
It's the best way to learn German. ;)

A question.
How is the spirit in Iran when you talk about Lena and the ESC?
I don't know about music in Iran, but an event like the ESC is the best way to have the same spirit. :thumbsup: