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04.02.2011, 17:08
http://www.eurovision.tv/page/news?id=24703&_t=germany_first_three_lena_songs_advanc e_to_final#comments
Some good comments you should read:

BlueRush from United Kingdom
This selection is a DREAM!

All of these songs are so genuine, grounded, up to date... and just "Lena!"

Why can't Eurovision be more like this?! REAL songs, not 3 minute showpieces.

Change the rules of Eurovision - songs should be allowed to be 30 seconds longer.

Let SOME vocals be included in the backing tracks, so that every performance can do every kind of song justice.

Let participants have the choice to play live instruments! That doesn't make the competition unfair at all, as long as it is a choice!

most of them like MAYBE.

05.02.2011, 14:02
das unterstreicht meine These, dass mittlerweile wieder gewünscht wird dass der ESC wieder ein würdiges Musikereignis werden soll. Ein Musikfest, auf das sich Europa jedes Jahr neu freut. REAL Music for ESC