Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : I need a little help :)

26.02.2011, 22:48
German Language is too stranger for me :/ in this site, any option for English Language? Normaly i use Google Translate, but is't realy bad... :/ I can just surf the International forum. I want surf all forum but i can't do it :/ By the way, my avatar is removing, in this site, is there any avatar topic?

04.03.2011, 23:44
Hi Dear Yunus !

I have this problem too. :( I just can use international forum . :sadnodrn2:

But I hope you & I have find a very good solution .:)

06.03.2011, 18:17

Learn German... :zahn:

07.03.2011, 21:31
Hi guys!

Some of the German users don't speak english very well - if at all! Turning this into an English site wouldn't be feasible. Another issue is the fact that hardly anyone wants to double post. If there is a German discussion one wouln't want to translate everything into english. Also, if you start a discussion/topic, which was already discussed on the German boards, users mostlikely don't want to get into the discussion all over again. Or having the same discussion twice. I think it's a general problem with multi-lingual forums.

I guess the only "solution" would be, if more foreign people would join the forum.

Well, let's see and wait. Once Lena has won the ESC again, it's more foreign users are likely to join the forum! :zahn:

08.03.2011, 23:29
I guess it won't be a big problem if you post in the corresponding thread some english questions or remark.
There are enought users here with good knowledge of english and with just occational postings it wouldn't disrupt the threads to much.
I just wouldn't recommend using Google translator to post comment, just for reading. Googles output would be very hard to read in german. I would suggest rather posting directly in english and following the posts using Google translator.
I'm rather frequently on ESCForum.net and there is usually a language mix in the threads.
While the majority posts in english some country related threads have occational posts in the country language. Could be strengenous to follow posts but it's working.

The specialty of this international section is that it's completely open without registration.
Most of the other sections require being logged in, some even have minimum post counts to be accessible.


By the way, my avatar is removing, in this site, is there any avatar topic?
The site admin does check the sources of avatars from time to time.
Some pictures are registered by professional photographers. These are usually difficult as they frequently claim copyright violations, especially if they are registered with big agencies like DPA.

Try to stay away from these pictures and use things from wikipedia or other sources that are not copyright restricted.
There is some tolerance for the pictures sourced on Lena's homepage. The photographer Sandra Ludewig did publish some of them also on an open photo community. Hence it's unlikely that small copies for non commercial use would be punished.