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10.09.2011, 23:57
Hi there . :hi:

What is your idea about opening of last 3 ESCs ? Which is best in your opinion ?

Please be honest & fair in your votes . ;)

1 . ESC 2009 - Moscow - Dima Bilan - Believe

2 . ESC 2010 - Oslo - Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

3 . ESC 2011 - Dusseldurf - Steffan Raab feat Lena - Satellite

Liebe Gruess von dein Iranscher freund ; Pooya

11.09.2011, 00:06
What a question ...
3 . ESC 2011 - Dusseldurf - Steffan Raab feat Lena - Satellite
The best opening ever.

11.09.2011, 00:21

11.09.2011, 00:27
Of course, Lena and Stefan. It was just great. I like to watch it again and again.

11.09.2011, 01:47
Is that a rhetorical question? 2011 of course, Stefan & Lena best opening ever in ESC history, it's impossible to overtop this.

11.09.2011, 11:58
What a question! 2011 was the best, it was a so great surprise and with Lena it was just.. :wub:
But I like the opening of 2010, too, Alexander Rybak his violine...very cool!

Bambi 3
11.09.2011, 13:34
What a question? 2011 was the best opening ever! Suddendly there were about 40 Lenas on the stage, and at the end the real Lena came. It was a great surprise, I will never forget this!!! I LOVE this opening!!!! :wub:
:herzchen2: :orbit: :thumbsup:

11.09.2011, 22:38
Excuse me, but do you seriously ask here in the Lena-Fanclub-Forum, if an opening with or without her was the best one???

11.09.2011, 22:43
seriously, i only can understand it as a test ;)

11.09.2011, 22:49
A serious test? :D

12.09.2011, 13:08
1969 - the organ was epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPvwSTrZ-_0

14.09.2011, 23:17
Of course LENA!

15.09.2011, 14:49

21.09.2011, 14:17
Is that a rhetorical question?

Ja ; You are right . In Lena forum it can be rhetorical question :D

21.09.2011, 14:30
Yes ; I agree . Alexander Rybak was cool :wub:

21.09.2011, 14:37
Excuse me, but do you seriously ask here in the Lena-Fanclub-Forum, if an opening with or without her was the best one???

Yes ; I was seriously ; And I asked fans to be honest & fair ; if they think other choices are better than 2011 ; vote

that . ;)

21.09.2011, 19:17
Actually I do not remember the other openings much (Before Lena I wasnt a real ESC fan... I watched it but only because I was bored, not because I supported any of the artists who performed there.) So I also voted for Lena & Stefan, I think there will never be something like this again in ESC! I think if they want to host a show like this in Azerbaijan, they have a hard job to do... Oh, and I would like to ask you a question that came to my mind when I first read your name on Lena`s official homepage... What kind of music do Iranian people listen to? I am just curious about that :)

25.09.2011, 02:06
I have watched ESC since i was very young (im only 16 now) and i actually think that MOSCOW 2009 was the best and coolest opening act. BUT Lena 2011 was BETTER song and more "hot" :wub:


01.10.2011, 23:14
Is this question serious????
I mean we are in a Lena-Fanclub?!
So, I also think the best opening was this year with Lena and Stefan, of course.
To be fair, I have to say that the opening from 2010 was also good, but this year was the coolest!

Lisa Mitchell
02.10.2011, 12:54
I also think 2010 was quite good, Alexander Rybak is a great performer, but this year's opening will never be toped!! :)